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The theory that lies behind acupuncture treatment is that energy flows around our bodies rather like small streams of water. The flow of these streams can become blocked due to tensions that arise from our individual life-style choices and experiences. Once blocks of energy occur then symptoms of ill-health can present themselves. For example tension in our stomach due to stress and worry can lead to indigestion.

Pauline has been trained how to access these streams, and through the use of fine needles they strive to restore the smooth flow of energy throughout a patients entire system. As a consequence of  improved energy flow a patients ‘internal engine’ can run more efficiently and symptoms of ill-health diminish.

One of the benefits of acupuncture treatment is that once a patients internal energy is running smoothly not only will their main problematic symptoms improve, but they may also feel other holistic benefits such as raised energy levels, and feelings of happiness.

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